Mini Assignment 2 – Heroic Guest Post

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Donatello (TMNT) Playing An MMO

Alright chat, tune-in! Coming to you live from the sewers of New York, direct to all my Twitch subscribers. One final raid!

I know master splinter wants us training and honing our skills, however, I could argue that I’m training my reflexes and finger dexterity through this game! Besides, I’m sure the others are gonna be excited to see I’ve finally cleared this raid boss and gotten the legendary loot!

Whoah, what’s this? The dungeon is full of ninjas? I really am preparing for the real world – I may as well be fighting the Foot Clan here. Heh, and just like usual, they fall one-by-one to the mighty Donatello. Ever too bright for these grunts. I wonder if the final boss is going to be Shredder! Jokes of course, butttt you never knowww!

Isn’t it crazy how far science has come chat? We’re here immersing ourselves in these virtual worlds, escaping the mundanity of everyday life?

Seriously, fighting my way through all these low levels mobs is no different than facing bad guys out in the streets. Cowabunga my dudes.

… Wait … Do I smell pizza? Hey chat, I’m really sorry but I’m going to have to cut the stream short tonight – It smells like the others are back and they’ve brought back some tasty, tasty dinner. Make sure to tune in tomorrow to see me finally clear this raid!

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