Peer Review #3 – Fueling Your Twenties: A Guide to Fitness and Nutrition

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My Peer Review #3 is covering Eva’s “Fueling Your Twenties: A Guide to Fitness and Nutrition” blog. I wanted to dig deep and determine the overall theme of the blog and target audience. Luckily, Eva’s October 18th, 2023 post detailed just that.

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Eva clearly states that she aims to “cater to audience [she] has been a part of” and more specifically a “space for people just getting started in the fitness world”. It’s clear that the goal with this blog is to be relatable and accessible, as such, I gathered that her intended audience is individuals – primarily women – in their 20s who are looking to being their fitness journey. This is further supported by the blog’s motto within the banner “Just another girl in her twenties trying to navigate the world of fitness and nutrition”.

With a key component being reliability, I believe Eva’s “about me” page strongly caters to this audience as she’s targeting. Her biography is honest and real – she openly states her fitness and nutrition journey has had it’s ups and downs. She reaffirms that her blog is safe for beginners and that she’s neither a personal trainer nor a dietician – just another person who’s looking to be healthy and work towards her goals. She doesn’t take on the voice of the perfect fitness influencer, which is ever so common on social media, but as a real person on a journey of self-improvement.

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Based on the information given, despite it being marketed towards females, I found myself to be part of her target audience; having tried my hand at fitness – although inconsistently – throughout my late teens; and now being year into my consistent fitness journey. As such I approached her website from through this lens. Nonetheless, In his article on Publics and Counterpublics, Michael Warner argues that “The address of public speech is both personal and impersonal” (Warner, 2002, p, 6) ; further stating that “public speech must be taken int wo ways: as addressed to us and as addressed to strangers.” I believe Eva’s blog perfectly embodies this idea and strongly addresses her publics.

One thing I would like to highlight is the overall look and feel of the blog. Within the post in which she describes her target audience, she states that she’s made the entire website pink as she wanted it to look feminine. The website is now a sleek black and white theme and I think this is a fantastic change – although her primary target audience is women, much of her journey is entirely relatable to anyone looking to begin their pursuit of fitness. Not that pink isn’t welcoming to men, it just that the current look and feel will likely appeal to a gender-neutral audience.

Furthermore, I believe Eva succeeds in catering to her demographic (young adults) through the various styles of posts found on her website. Her written posts are short and concise, yet full of relevant content. She includes TikTok style short videos that are familiar to people within that age group. Her imagery is also appropriate and matching the voice she’s speaking with to her public.

Lastly, the content itself presents itself wonderfully. Reading through her posts strongly reminded me of the beginning of my fitness journey – scouring various fitness YouTube channels to try and piece together information on how to effectively train, determining your personal goals – be it aesthetics, health, strength, etc. Touching on progressive overload and tracking workouts. Everything about her blog supports her ethos. It truly feels relatable and most importantly realistic. She details the ups and downs of fitness and nutrition – what she’s found personal works for her, and the struggles she’s had.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading the content on Eva’s website and believe she successfully has catered her blog to be marketable for her chosen demographic.

My only suggestions are not regarding the marketability of her blog but rather the layout. With the amount of content on it, its easy to navigate and read through her posts chronologically, however, her weekly posts pages and academics pages are a continuous stream of posts. It would be nice if there was a way to see her blog posts in a list view, organized purely by title (without the content) so that readers can select – and click into – topics they’re interested in at a glance, rather than having to scroll through and locate specific topics. Nonetheless, this is such a minor criticism of an incredibly well done blog.


Warner, Michael. 2002. “Publics and Counterpublics.” in Quarterly Journal of Speech. 88.4.

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