Week 4 – Imagined Audience

An AI generated image using Midjourney. The image depicts a purple and black illustration of spectators watching a video game on a large screen.

The audience I had been imagining up to this point has been individuals who are interested in video games, however, are not necessarily looking for highly structured game review which you might find on mainstream publishing sites such as IGN or Metacritic. Furthermore, I’d imagine this audience is not looking to find consistent game reviews for the newest AAA titles as these are not to focus of my blog. I don’t necessarily expect any gender demographic as video games are a hobby which can be shared by everyone, nonetheless, I do expect my audience to be slightly older – in their early 20s or above. Overall, I expect it to be a more niche subset of the gaming community.

As I aim for this blog to be a reflection of myself and my experience interacting with my favorite hobby, my design decisions are not so much influenced by my imagined audience – I want this to be an authentic representation of self. As such, I made design choices that fit my aesthetic preferences using black and purple – my favorite colors – and opted to go for a clean, minimal look/feel. This is also true for the choices of games I review – rather than selecting the newest game to be released, or choosing popular games to attract an audience, I chose games that I personally find interesting. Nonetheless my writing style is influenced by my imagined audience. Assuming that those who chose to view my posts are likely in an older demographic and interested in indie games, I chose to use design language and take a more mature writing style approach to my posts.

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