Week 6 – Design Choices

An AI generated image using Midjourney. The image depicts a a laptop on a black background. There is an abstract imager on the screen made of purple and blue hues. There is a splash of purple water behind the laptop.

I briefly touched upon some of the design choices in my fourth process post – stating my aim with this blog was to create a digital reflection of myself, however, I wish to go into this in more depth. In general, I really appreciate minimalism in all aspects of design. My bedroom is minimal, featuring white walls and black furniture and close to no decoration – boring, I know. Although some might consider that boring, to me it creates a sense of space and breathability. For whatever reason, I interpret decoration in my living space as clutter, such that eliminating decoration puts my mind at ease. Rather than adding color through decoration, I chose to add color through light – specifically, the purple light emitting from my devices. If you haven’t read my fourth process post, I mentioned that my two favorite colors are black and purple. As such, my pc and all my peripherals are black; however, since I have RBG lights built into all my peripherals, I’ve made them all neon purple. Both my monitors have neon purple wallpapers and I even have my windows theme set to a complimentary pink. I also have an LED lamp in the corner of my room set to neon purple, which diffuses nicely on the white walls.

Why am I going into such detail about my room? Well, my room is where I play my video games. And wanting to create a reflection of myself with my blog, I chose these elements as my inspiration.

At it’s core the core pillars of my design choices were the following:

  • Heavy uses of black, and shades of black
  • Incorporating purples as accent colors
  • Sticking to a clean, breathable look
  • Keeping the web design minimal
  • Giving everything a modern feel

While searching for inspiration, I remembered Material Design – a design system used by Google. As such, I reviewed the following section of color and creating a dark theme, and drew heavy inspiration:


Lastly, as I’ve been experimenting with generative AI lately, I’ve been using Midjourney to create many of the featured images for each post.

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