Week 12 – Community Guidelines

An AI generated image using Midjourney. The image is a purple and black 3D illustration a closed rulebook on an isometric plane. The background is pure purple, the book is dark purple and black.

Hey there! Welcome to Radds Games – A website which I use a self reflection of myself and my experience with my favorite hobby, gaming. Thank you for taking the time to view this website and the articles posted within, I’m excited to connect with you and have you be a part of this community. While you’re here, I’d like to ensure that a welcoming and pleasant viewing experience is available for any others who may stumble across this publication.

Should any of the articles published have a comments section, please review and ensure that you are following the community guidelines below:

  • 1. Be Respectful:

Treat others with kindness and respect. We encourage diverse opinions and perspectives, but disagreements should be expressed in a civil manner.

Avoid personal attacks, hate speech, and any form of discrimination. Harassment, bullying, or intimidation of any kind will not be tolerated.

  • 2. No Offensive Content:

Do not post content that is offensive, inappropriate, or violates any laws.
This includes but is not limited to explicit language, graphic images, or any form of content that could be considered offensive.

  • 3. Sharing My Content

Firstly, this is greatly appreciated, however, should you chose to share my content to others, please make sure to give appropriate credit to me, citing my name and providing a link to my website, along with the specific article you are referencing.

  • 4. Privacy:

Please respect the privacy of the community. Do not post any personal information about yourself or any of the individuals you may interact with. Absolutely NO DOXING.

  • 5. Self-Promotion:

If you run and foster a similar community, I’d love to connect and have you share. That being said, please avoid any excessive self-promotion or spamming.

  • 6. Moderation Decisions:

I am currently the sole moderator of this site. As such, please be aware that I hold the right to remove any content that I deem inappropriate or in breach of these community guidelines.

If you disagree with a moderation decision, please reach out to me through the Contact page and I will be happy to review.

  • 7. Report Violations:

If you come across content that violates these guidelines, please report it to me using the Contact page. This is much appreciated.

Thank you for being mindful of these guidelines. These are in place to ensure a pleasant experience for anyone who participates in this community.

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