Week 11 – Incorporating Transmedia Integration

An AI generated image using Midjourney. The image is a purple and black abstract illustration of a DSLR camera.

As clearly shown, as of now my blog is entirely text based, however, I would like to ultimately expand this and include video content on my website – published on YouTube and embedded on the website. My inspiration for this blog and my methodology comes from a handful of youtubers I follow who post video game reviews – anywhere from serious reviews that analyze the design and implementation of various features, to reviews that purely comical and for entertainment. As such, halfway through this semester I improved my writing process by recording all my gameplay so that I could later review it and remind myself of aspects I’d like to write about and gather screenshots.

Considering I’m already recording my gameplay, I’m just a few steps away from editing it into digestible video content. The long-term goal here is to begin producing long-form video content, which would push me to expand my academic knowledge of game design and practice my video editing skills which have gotten a little rusty over the last couple of years. Nonetheless, this will take some time as it would require a shift in writing style, from blogs to scripts – and I’d want to experiment and develop a video format that is authentically me, rather than going back to robotic reviews of video games – I’d want to find a way to incorporate humor and make the videos lighthearted. For now, I’m considering how I could use video content to promote the website and upcoming blog posts so that I could expand my reach, however, I’m not on TikTok, so the first order of business is to learn the platform and figure out a way to use it as a marketing tool.

As a concrete idea, I could consider creating a TikTok at the end of each month summarizing the games I covered in the previous weeks, this would be a sustainable and manageable way to produce topical video content. I could then add another page on the website solely dedicated to this short-form video content that supplements my long form written content.

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